lundi 14 janvier 2008

Tidbits Here and There

Here are some short "tidbits" of things that I have come to realize while living here:

Les soldes - they only come twice a year and one better be prepared for this "dog eat dog" sale time. I thought I had the day after Thanksgiving sales down pat, but these "soldes" have it beat by a mile!!

La queue - the French have no idea whatsoever how to queue a line. I'll write more about this later.

Medical Coverage - tons of paperwork, endless trips to social security explaining yourself in French no one can understand (I love watching the face squirm up as you butcher the language) but once you receive the "carte vitale" it's all worth it and makes so much sense- something our country strives to have, but not sure if we will ever get there.

La Mode - they have the best fashion looks here. Somehow my "Target" look just doesn't cut it!! I'm trying though......

I have never spent so much money on cheese!!