dimanche 13 avril 2014

Paris Book Mob

   Yesterday was the first ever Paris Book Mob sponsored by the American Library. We met up at the Tour Eiffel not really having an idea of where to go. Only when we spotted fellow book holders did we realize we were among the right bunch. We had to pose ourselves for 3 min and freeze. Important to check to make sure you have an interesting page to read for 3 minutes - never realized this is a long time to read the same page!! We mingled among the tourists in line, found a good spot and on cue froze for 3 minutes. A few came really close to see what I was reading. I could overhear various comments - "What's this?" "Why are all these people standing there with books?" What was really neat was there were a handful of students from my class participating as well!
Coming soon the promotional video for the American Library in Paris!