vendredi 7 mars 2014

Caramelized Apple Tarte Fine

   Thin apple tarts are so easy to make and when you make them yourself, there are no bad ingredients inside. Try to buy apples from a local grower - even better.

Making your own pie crust is not easy with the double and triple steps of leaving overnight to rise, reknead, etc. After all, making an apple tarte doesn't do justice if you don't make your own crust - but who has time for that?? I found this super easy thin pie crust from Clotilde over at Chocolate and Zucchini and decided to check it out. Very simple to make and only requires one hour of chilling in frigo.
Here is a link to her super easy puff pastry:

Not bad for first try. I know, I need to work on my presentation skills.....going for taste!

And voilá! Look at this beauty!

These tarts make a great afternoon snack or anytime you are looking for a coffee or tea pick me up.

Here is a link to Clotilde's super easy caramelized apple tarte fine:

 - remember she says her trick is in the butter - so make sure you choose a good one. And don't forget to butter and sugar the parchment paper underneath the dough before cooking tarte - oh yea!

Happy snacking!