samedi 2 mai 2009

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens is a beautiful park in the 5th. You can grab a chair or two, your picnic and enjoy the scenery. And yes, there's alot of it!! Also, right in the center is a beautiful lake where children can sail a boat for a ridiculous cheap price of 2 euros for 1/2 hour ($3.30). You are given your boat and a baton* and spend the next half-hour chasing your child 'round this lake as they try to guess how their boat will traverse. When the boat finally reaches the side, you use the baton to push it out again, and away she sails and off the child goes to find their boat again.

In another corner of this lovely park is a bee garden. Yes, Thousands of bees humming along in their hives making their honey. It's amazing to watch. Apparently, in the fall, one can purchase the honey as well. In the meantime, it's a quiet place to grab a chair and watch the bees "work" away.

This park is by no means a hidden gem, definitely a big tourist draw, but still a wonderful place to come.

*baton - stick