dimanche 23 juin 2013

Fête de la Musique

The Fête de la Musique is a free event held every year on 21 June - to coincide with the Summer Solstice. Any musician is welcome to perform on the streets of Paris or any open air area. All forms of musical expression are welcome to encourage different styles of music.

It was a clear, beautiful night this past Friday night to enjoy the Fête de la Musique. This was the first time I had gone into Paris to enjoy the event. It was amazing! Musicians everywhere, people everywhere enjoying the free music on the streets. It was soo cool! It is a family, friendly event for all ages to enjoy.

If you are in Paris next year or France during this time, be sure to check out this event.


samedi 8 juin 2013

Market Day

Market days are in full bloom at the moment here in the City of Lights. Finally, the sun has appeared and shoppers are looking for seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh cheese, meat, fish.  One can not only find food at the market, but clothes, ribbon, toys, really anything - if you are looking for a particular item, most likely you can find it at one of the many markets around Paris.

I love seasonal vegetables and fruit and look for local farmers at the market. There are a lot of wonderful sellers at these markets, but many of them are not local farmers, instead purchasing their  fruits and vegetables from a big wholesaler and reselling at the markets.

While walking to school the other day, I happened upon a beautiful display of vegetables.  I could tell just by the display, this was a special vendor. Taking the time to speak with them for a few minutes, I found out they are a Mom and daughter that come all the way from Normandy twice a week to do this market. They grow everything on their farm. They told me soon they will have plenty of vegetables as the season is beginning for alot of summer veggies. I can't wait. Who wouldn't want to buy their veggies from here and you support your local farmers:

Those white things that look like carrots are radishes - called radis glaçons - they are delcious!

Isn't this a gorgeous display?!

Beautiful greens for a salad