dimanche 17 février 2008

The Heck with Full Fat!!

As I am sitting here eating yet another yummy cheese, I start reading the ingredients. The french version says: Spécialité fromagère française - sounds lovely doesn't it.....

Now the English version: Full fat soft cheese......need I say more. We sure have a way of ruining a good thing!!

As long as I have that glass of red wine to counter the "full fat" effect, I feel I am in the safe zone....for now!! chin chin

mercredi 6 février 2008

Supersize Me!!

I supersized my Nutella!!This is quite embarrassing actually that I would buy this size Nutella, but I couldn't resist!!The French don't have much in the way of "supersizing" things, but this is too funny!! Believe it or not, Nutella is actually a recommended breakfast choice as part of a balanced and NUTRITIONAL meal - Vive la chocolat!!

dimanche 3 février 2008

Happy Birthday !!

Happy 9th birthday
5 January 2008!!

French Haircut

When a person says to you, ah you got a french haircut, it's not a compliment!! Somehow miscommunication in French was taken out on my hair this time around. This was the second time I have visited this hair salon. The woman said to me the same as last time, and I said yes, but I also like curls and somehow that got construed as okay, let's go willy nilly with the scissors. Needless to say I watched her like a hawk as she "trimmed" Isabel's locks. At school the next day, my English counterparts said oh yes, never give them leeway with your hair they will do whatever they wish. So for those dreaming of a "french haircut", beware......
Lucky for me my hair grows fast.