samedi 29 septembre 2012

Shopping for Chocolate

Most women come home laden with shopping bags full of clothes, I prefer bags of sweets and goodies from any new bakery or chocolate shop I come across. I recently purchased this pastry app from David Lebovitz and decided to embark on some of his suggestions.

I decided to visit  Jacques Genin Chocolate Shop in the 3rd. When I went inside I wasn't impressed with the starkness of the place,- very modern. But, I wasn't there for the asthetics, I was on a mission to get really good chocolate and caramel - and oh, did I!!

Peppery, cinammon, honey, mint, coffee, these were some of flavors making sweet melodies in my mouth as I tasted each small chocolate. I purchased the smallest box of 9 assorted chocolates for 11 euros - the saleslady even offered to do the choosing which was a good thing as I was wide-eyed as a kid in a candy shop with all the choices. She put it in the cutest metal box that can definitely be up-cycled again!

Then on to the caramels which they are known for - all I will say is wow!! Who knew you could have a mango-passion fruit caramel!

Next up just a few blocks away was Du Pain et des Idées - a line outside the door let me know this was a good one. The inside was adorable, old-fashioned charm and the buttery smells were amazing. I asked for some tartes de fine de pomme and chausson de pomme and their mouna which is a brioche infused with orange flower water. The tarte and chaussons were wrapped in layers and layers of buttery, flaky dough, filled with real apples, cinnamon and caramelized on the bottom - sinfully delicious!!

The mouna bread was equally delicious, warmed a bit - the orange and butter flavors lolling about in my mouth.  Grab the pastry app here and happy tastings!!


jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Chasse aux Diamants

If you happen to be visiting a Holiday Inn in France or one in a few other locations in Europe, pour fêter their 60 anniversary, they are hiding diamonds in rooms. At a value of approx. 30,000 euros per diamond, this would make for a fun weekend getaway. Click on link below for more information:

My Tail's Between my Legs....

Nothing like feeling two feet tall and getting kicked to the curb... This is exactly how I felt after leaving a local Orange Company (for mobiles and Internet). On days like this, I need to remind myself why I stay here in France and yet continue to be treated like an outsider. But, I will not get beaten down by them. I hold my shoulders high and walk out leaving myself to nurse my wounded pride. Do I find a new Chez Orange to try my troubles at or walk boldly back in to the same one, hoping they don't recall me as "Le stupid American"........

mardi 25 septembre 2012

Tartines Sous La Couette - Breakfast in Bed!

If you happen to be in the Paris are on 7, 21, October or 4, 18 November and you have a Paris address, you can enter a contest to have fresh baked goodies delivered to your door. Click here for more information. When you are at their site, follow these instructions:

Click on: Je Participe
Fill in your information - put your local address of where you will be staying
Click: Je m'inscris

et voila! Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones!
Bon Chance!!

lundi 24 septembre 2012

Sunday Market Day

A poulet roti is always in order on a Sunday, (yes, I know it's Monday)......just ask for au jus and some pomme de terre and you have a yummy easy meal to go. If you are coming to visit the City of Lights, there are endless rotisserie places - but beware!! Not all are good - if the chicken looks like it's been spinning for hours, it probably has been. Often times, the potatoes are awful and I choose to just make my own - easier and much tastier. Ask for a small "poignée" of the mini pomme de terre at your vendor of choice, and once home, slice, add olive oil and garlic and cook in oven for 40 minutes and voila!! your "pomme de terre"will rival anything at the rotisserie. Bon appetit!

mardi 18 septembre 2012

Today, I feel vindicated!! I was able to communicate well enough to get a refund - well for some reason, they deducted 10 euros from total - her babbling french left me two phrases behind and completely clueless.......but I did get the rest of my money back - yeah me!!