samedi 29 septembre 2012

Shopping for Chocolate

Most women come home laden with shopping bags full of clothes, I prefer bags of sweets and goodies from any new bakery or chocolate shop I come across. I recently purchased this pastry app from David Lebovitz and decided to embark on some of his suggestions.

I decided to visit  Jacques Genin Chocolate Shop in the 3rd. When I went inside I wasn't impressed with the starkness of the place,- very modern. But, I wasn't there for the asthetics, I was on a mission to get really good chocolate and caramel - and oh, did I!!

Peppery, cinammon, honey, mint, coffee, these were some of flavors making sweet melodies in my mouth as I tasted each small chocolate. I purchased the smallest box of 9 assorted chocolates for 11 euros - the saleslady even offered to do the choosing which was a good thing as I was wide-eyed as a kid in a candy shop with all the choices. She put it in the cutest metal box that can definitely be up-cycled again!

Then on to the caramels which they are known for - all I will say is wow!! Who knew you could have a mango-passion fruit caramel!

Next up just a few blocks away was Du Pain et des Idées - a line outside the door let me know this was a good one. The inside was adorable, old-fashioned charm and the buttery smells were amazing. I asked for some tartes de fine de pomme and chausson de pomme and their mouna which is a brioche infused with orange flower water. The tarte and chaussons were wrapped in layers and layers of buttery, flaky dough, filled with real apples, cinnamon and caramelized on the bottom - sinfully delicious!!

The mouna bread was equally delicious, warmed a bit - the orange and butter flavors lolling about in my mouth.  Grab the pastry app here and happy tastings!!


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