lundi 24 septembre 2012

Sunday Market Day

A poulet roti is always in order on a Sunday, (yes, I know it's Monday)......just ask for au jus and some pomme de terre and you have a yummy easy meal to go. If you are coming to visit the City of Lights, there are endless rotisserie places - but beware!! Not all are good - if the chicken looks like it's been spinning for hours, it probably has been. Often times, the potatoes are awful and I choose to just make my own - easier and much tastier. Ask for a small "poignée" of the mini pomme de terre at your vendor of choice, and once home, slice, add olive oil and garlic and cook in oven for 40 minutes and voila!! your "pomme de terre"will rival anything at the rotisserie. Bon appetit!

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