samedi 15 décembre 2007

Alive and Well and Living in France

Bonjour!! Welcome to my blog. We want to share our fun and unusual experiences we have had thus far with you all as well as keep you updated on our comings and goings. I hope you enjoy reading these stories and laughing along with us.


3 commentaires:

Nathalie a dit…

C'est incroyable Tama!
Les photos sont belles et
les commentaires sont trés interessants!
Tu me manque!

Aunt Liz a dit…

The photos are wonderful and the girls look so cute in their uniforms. Very interesting comments - the market sounds so nice - can't wait to see the bathtub!

Aunt Liz

susan a dit…

I think my French is rustier than previously thought. I loved the pics of the girls. They are looking quite Parisienne now. The schoool is amazingly quaint. Keep the information and images coming for those of us who are intellectually rich, but culturally poor living in Florida. Love, Susan