dimanche 7 décembre 2008

Another Lost in Translation Story

I went to the doctor recently for a sore throat, cold, etc. He spoke zero English, I think "hello" was the extent of his English. So with my continued poor French, we tried our best. He was filling out my dossier for his records,and I thought he was asking for my carte vitale which is the national social security scheme here, but what he was really asking was when my last gyn. exam was. When I finally figured out what he was asking me, I answered him. However, he either didn't like my answer or didn't comprehend it, so he proceeded to get out his medical pictorial book complete with detailed photos of a woman's body and began to explain his question again, pointing to all the different pictures. Oh la la!! LOL!! After turning a zillion shades of red, I understood what he wanted, gave him his answer and continued on till the next road bloc. I just had to laugh later as it was really quite funny!!

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