lundi 22 février 2010

Beautiful windows

I am a trashy treasure person to say the least. However, I usually pick up that "ultimate"piece of trash thinking I can be oh so like Martha or Mary or whomever and turn it into the most decorative piece of useful something only to have it sit in my corner becoming the most useless thing.......

Walking in the 15th one afternoon, I came upon the most beautiful old, painted lemony-yellow french, long windows sitting by the curb. You know the kind, that you push open reminsicent of those Hausmann style french buildings..... I could have just cried. I stood there a long time contemplating how I could get those windows home, was it really worth an 80euro taxi ride...... almost did it. However, in the end I settled for a small beautiful glass window that was also going out for trash and I could carry it without too much pain. (As of right now, it's still sitting in my corner, but I'm determined to make something beautiful out of it!!)

I lament about those windows even today, and hope they found a new beginning instead of a garbage dump ending.

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