dimanche 12 août 2012

Well, I obviously have not been true to my word and haven't posted a thing in 3 months!! Well, it's summer and I am not actually in the City of Lights at the moment, but I thought I would give a few high fives to some yummy restos here in Paris.

First, over by the Luxembourg Gardens -  Metro: Luxembourg is a fabulous restaurant called Les Papilles at 30 rue Gay Lussac. The owner is a former French Rugby player. I cannot say enough about this place. Everytime I have gone here, the meal has been fabulous. The menus is mostly Southwestern France with fantastic wines that are paired just so with each meal. The owner will gladly help you choose the best one for your meal. Peeking in the kitchen, you wonder how they are able to turn out any meal at all. The space is 2 x 2 with 2 people in there - they do have it down to a science. Meals are cooked in copper pans and presented at the table. There is a beautiful room downstairs where wine tastings are held. There are some good wine finds there. About  €23 pp, but well worth the visit!
 This is a must for any visitor!! Word to the wise - reservations are a must for lunch and dinner or you will find yourself out of luck!

Switching over to a more ethnic flare, we head over to the Indian Quarter - Metro: La Chapelle. I love this area - the beautiful saris in the windows, the food, smell of jasmine, a feast for the pallet. There is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant not to be missed called Krishna Bhavan - and for the price of €6,50 one can have a complete meal - really where in Paris can one possibly eat a decent meal for that price! Everything is very good - be sure to order their cardamom tea too. After eating, head down the street to the Cash and Carry for exotic spices and cardamom tea so you can fix your own at home.If you want  some real local flavor, head over to Temple Ganash - oh - that's another story...... Happy eating!!

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