dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

While in the Jura, we visited some beautiful small villages. One of them, Château-Chalon is so small, there is nothing there in terms of commerce. However, it has the distinction of holding the award of   "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" and it deserves it. The climb up to this town is amazing. You wind through beautiful 100 year old vineyards and fertile farm ground to reach a phenomenal view when you reach the top and the entrance to this town.

View from the top as you enter Château-Chalon

Meandering through this 15th century village has you wondering what these people do here. There was no one around. Each each new corner you turned unearthed a new charm.  This was a town were wine merchants lived and that appears that is all that is left, so...... why not do some wine tasting!! We knocked on this little door and this little old man came out.

I asked him if we could taste some of his wine, but of course he said. He took us back to his bat cave - literally.... we then tasted some of the Jura wine made in this area. He said his wine was from century old  vines - imagine!!!

I don't care so much for the Jura yellow wine, but I did buy some of his other whites. He told me they need to be served room temperature for optimum flavor which is different for any other whites I normally drink.  I thanked him for his time and on we went.

As we walked back to the car, what was around the corner, but a portable meat butcher truck.  Remember, I said there is no commerce in this town, so the butcher comes to you.  Definitely a step back in time.

What a ya have??
Traveling Butcher


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Karen Hester a dit…

Oh my gosh!! love your blog. I grew up in Germany, and I love seeing your village pictures and the architecture. Thanks for following my blog. I've seen your blog here and there and kept telling myself to check it. Then I'd get distracted and wouldn't be able to remember what I was wanting to look at. When I found that you had followed my blog... Woohoo!

Take care,

Tama Trotti a dit…

Thanks so much for looking, we are all so connected in many ways.