samedi 2 mars 2013

Artiste Fleurie


Flower shops are scattered everywhere in Paris. There seems to be an equal number of florists to hair salons to pharmacies.....hmmmmmm. These beautiful eye candy displays are just begging for someone to take them home. People here seem to purchase flowers with the same gusto of buying a baguette for dinner and why not.

Flowers brighten any one's day and they are a thoughtful, sincere gift. Here in France, one can actually go to a trade school to become an "artisan fleuriste"* as this is a respectable trade to learn the proper methods for displaying flowers and arranging them in such a way to create fabulous displays of art. I love going in to my local "artisan fleuriste". HIs arrangements never fail to put a smile on my face and everything he does with the flowers is truly inspirational.  When I come into his shop, he asks me my budget, colors, types of flowers and plucks various flowers from their sunny spots and begins his magic.

 If it is flowers "pour la maison"** he will wrap them in brown kraft paper tied with raffia - a simple gesture - and if they are "pour offrir"*** he will wrap them in colorful tissue and paper and tie them with rafia complete with his business card that proudly says he is an "artiste fleurie" - elegance. None of this plastic wrap around the flowers with the price sticker smacked on the front.  I have explained to him when I go home to the USA, I am very disappointed by the flower displays. Most of the time, flowers are purchased from a grocery store, and the choices are awful with no thought to the arrangement.

 If you are having the winter doldrums there's nothing like a beautiful bouquet to create a "sunny" day.

* floral designer
** flowers for the house
*** gift

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