samedi 1 février 2014

I don't Speak English Very Well

   So many times we go into a shop asking if they speak English and we most often get the same response.. "very leetle". Once again, I went into our local pharmacy asking for something in French, but not quite getting the words correctly, switched over asking our over used cop out phrase, "Do you speak English?" Most of the time the French clerks see us coming a mile away and suddenly claim l'heure de dejeuner and run quickly to the nearest door. This time, however she had no where to run. So I asked for a special bandage and even had an example of what I was actually looking for. I said to the clerk, "Have you learned English yet?" Shyly she said, " I don' t like to speak English". I said, "Ah, but you know a bit". "Yes but my accent is bad", she said. She gave me my bandages and I said she could keep the one I gave her. She replied, "Yes, a souvenir. Thank you." Outside I told my friend the story and I said she must understand English if she understands the word "souvenir". My friend replied in a matter of typical French responses, "But yes, the word 'souvenir' is French!" I guess I am the idiot now!

L'heure déjeuner: lunch time

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