Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Au Revoir France

   As we are winding down our 7th year in the City of Lights and getting ready to bid au revoir, I realize there is so much I have yet to see and do. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to live abroad and experience the life and culture of another country. As we are making our bucket list for things to see and do in France, I realize that most of our list revolves around food with a bit of culture thrown in somewhere. Which in my eyes is not half bad at all. Did I mention the pastries??

People ask what I will miss most. The food I think is what I will miss most. I know this can be a bit overkill for some, but the flavors, presentation, and freshness just can't be beat. Oh and did I mention the pastries??!! My family has decided we are just going to make a good effort to put ourselves into a diabetic coma savoring every last pastry, but oh it will be a good one! We have noticed our pastry budget has grown quite large in the last month or so.

I will also miss the window displays and how everything is beautifully and carefully presented as if it's a live theatre show every night.

Yes, people say the French are snooty and don't like foreigners. However with the exception of a few rare instances, I have to say we have been welcomed into this country. No, it hasn't been easy, and they make you work for what you want - things aren't just handed to you - you expect everything to take a long time and if it doesn't, well something isn't exactly right. But we have persevered and made it work - albeit not perfectly, but not half bad either.

If you yet have not had a chance to experience this beautiful city, I highly recommend it. Yes, visit all the touristy spots, but be sure to make time to just walk down small side streets taking in the ambience and various ethnicities that each quartier has to offer.

Je t'aime France......

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