jeudi 29 novembre 2012

Beware of the Attack of the Self-Cleaning Toilets

 All over Paris, one can dash to one of those self-cleaning toilets found along many streets. I am not proud to have used one of those, but hey, in a jiffy, it works. In the states, it's easy to plan your routes if you need a toilet - they are everywhere!! From the grocery store, to department stores to all chain stores in between - people from other countries must think Americans have bathroom issues!! Here in France, it is not that easy. Toilets are not everywhere and often times you have to pay or buy a drink to just use the toilet, thereby having to find another toilet an hour later.  So welcome, the automatic toilets. There is a trick to using them, and if you are not careful you will get sprayed with cleaning chemicals just like my poor daughter did.

She went into one of these toilets with her sister. Her sister finished and opened the door while Rachel was still using the toilets - well.... opening the doors triggers an automatic cleaning system where water and chemicals are sprayed all over the inside of the toilet. The next thing I know, Rachel comes walking  out soaked from head to toe, crying,  "I'm all wet". Trying not to laugh too hard, I said, "Oh no, Isabel opened the door while you were still in there!!" So tourists beware....... do not open the door until you are completely finished and wait for the green light before you enter or else you will enter during the cleaning process and you know what will happen.......ATTAACKK!!!

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