dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Tarte Tatin

I have wanted to make this Tarte Tatin since forever admiring these beautiful caramel visions of lusciousness.  The story goes that this tarte was actually made in error. The two Tatin sisters were busily making an apple tart and forgot to put the pie crust in the pan first. So they decided to put the crust on top of the filling, bake it and invert it after it was done cooking. Well, the rest is history.....

So today, this was it. I found a simple recipe to follow - and made a beautiful caramel for what would be the top, added my apples and a crust and voilá - a beautiful Tarte Tatin was made complete with a beautiful caramelized bottom. It was dripping with beauty..... and the taste - superb!!

beautiful caramel color
the finished tarte Tatin - beautiful!!

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