samedi 15 décembre 2012

Boîte à Sardines

These days the trajet" to and from work is anything but pleasant - like so many of us that have joined the urban sprawl only to spend an hour each way in public transport to work in the big city. It's a price we pay for the more competitive jobs and money that go along with this choice.(I know, so of my EAB friends are smirking over this mention!!)  I love being squished in the train each day, face-to-face with other commuters who cough and blow on you like it's nothing. As we were welded against one another on the train, I overheard a man say on his telephone I am like a boîte à sardines**  - well said!!

P.S. The clerk in the grocery store was very curious as to why I was taking photos of sardine tins!!

* commute
** tin of sardines

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