jeudi 27 décembre 2012

Poulet Fermier

 While in the Jura, I wanted to buy a really good farm chicken. At the local butcher, I opted for the "poulet noire de Bourgogne Fermier" which is raised for a minimum of 81 days in small flocks, has total access to outside, and its diet is only plant based.

The salesclerk pulled it out of the case and lo and behold, it had its head and feet still attached!! I don't know about you, but I am not used to all those parts still connected!  I asked her very shyly, you are going to prepare that for me, aren't you?  She looked at me funny, and said, yes, but of course, and off she went to do her chopping......( I guess most people have a cleaver in their backyard in these parts)

Two minutes later she was back with the chicken all wrapped and tied and ready to go. I cooked this baby up and I have to say it was one of the best tasting chickens I have ever eaten.

Next up, is the "poulet de bresse" from this region.

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