dimanche 14 avril 2013

Creative Dessert Names

The pastry windows of France are adorned with gorgeous mouth-watering pastries. However, do you ever wonder where the pastry chefs get their dessert names from? Some of them really make me chuckle. "Le Divorce" - each side a different glaze with a white line of cream down the middle - representing the split. Befitting to someone going through a divorce or already a divorcé. How about "Bouchon" - would you give that to someone who has to deal with a long work commute each day? "Mont Blanc" - I guess this would be apropo for a skier or one undertaking an Everest climb. "Dolce Vita" - I like this one - give this to the person who loves the "sweet life". "Religieuse" - for someone receiving a confirmation.
"Indulgent" for that friend who loves it all.  The next time you have to give a gift of some sort to a friend - think about these pastries - they would be a cute alternative for a gift. Now here are some photos of these "bad girls or boys".....

Le Divorce


Mt. Blanc

Dolce Vita



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