dimanche 21 avril 2013

Spring has Arrived!.....I think!

   After the 23c temperature last Sunday, we are ready to put away our duodoune jackets and brush off our sandals and switch over to Spring wardrobes. Paris is certainly ready. Flowers are peeking out at every corner, cafés are ready with their umbrellas bursting hoping to fill their outdoor sidewalk tables. Paris has spilled out of her somber apartments sprawling all over the city making the outdoor cafés their second home. There is no better time to take a bike tour of Paris.

The velib bikes are all over Paris and a great way to see Paris at a reasonable price. However, if you are not used to Parisian driving, I would not risk it. Instead, try a bike tour company.  This was something on my "to do list" and I have taken two different bike tours around Paris. Yes, a bit touristy, but this is a great, safe way to see the city.  You travel in a small group of 10-15 so it's very manageable. You cross the wide city streets together creating a buffer so no driver dare to run you over.  The wind in your hair as you cycle down the streets and up over the Pont Neuf or cycling through the gardens by the glass pyramid does make you feel a bit like the King of the Castle.  I have done tours with both Bike About Tours and Fat Bike Tours. They were both equally good and provided two distinctly different tours which was great for me! I ended up in areas I had not seen before and were on my list to visit.  Both rides are leisurely and as Paris is basically flat, not much effort involved. My two daughters did both bike tours as well and it was easy for them.  They do provide bikes for children so no worries there. Both companies provided maps of all the stops for revisiting as well as some choice resto stops and other recommendations around Paris.  Fat Bike Tour also offers a night tour - which I haven't done yet, but it's on the list.........

Happy Trails!

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