mercredi 8 mai 2013

Traffic Ticket


                              Well, I got my first traffic ticket while driving in the Compagne.

The driver in front of me was going oh so  slow and I passed on a dotted line - I made sure of that - but apparently when I crossed back over, the line was solid - All of a sudden the police appeared in front of me and was waving to me. I said Oh, *****, he is pulling me over. My daughter, said, no Mom, he's just waving you around him. No, he's pulling me over.  He said I passed on a solid line and me, trying to explain myself in my poor French was a losing point - there was no way I could get out of it. He said the fine was 90 euros!! He asked if I was a resident - and I said no - (this is another story - not explaining here) so he said I had to pay right now. I pulled out 60 euros and said will you take this - My daughter said, oh great Mom now you are bribing a policeman!! He said well, follow me to the bank and you can get the money out of the ATM. He seemed to know exactly where to go.....hmmm. So got the money out of the ATM, paid him and was on my way.

So now, I drive so Grandma slow and everyone passes me now - but that 90 euros hurt - brocante money!!

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