vendredi 5 octobre 2012

and More Chocolate!

Claire enjoying - what else.....Chocolate!

Stopped in for another recon mission to Monsieur Chocolate in the 15th - beautiful displays of chocolate in all matter of things from a huge chocolate Tour Eiffel to tennis rackets, guitars and even beautifully made chocolate heart necklaces perfect for Valentine's Day or any day to show your love. Beautiful displays of a variety of chocolates fill the shop and envelop you in smells of vanilla, chocolate, praliné, cinnamon, to name a few. Because the shop is so small, the aromas, I found, were much more intense. I chose the moelleux chocolat, one rasberry filled and the other chocolate-ganached filled along with some yummy mini brioches for the morning. Nothing made it to the next morning!! We peeked in to their kitchen and it is literally no bigger than most of the master bathrooms at home - they said they make everything in that tiny space. This neighborhood chocolatier is a definite go to for some yummy goodies and chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Tour Eiffel

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