samedi 13 octobre 2012

No French Accent here - Click!

Trying to deal with bureaucratic issues in another language is my least favorite thing about living in France. I completely understand how people feel when they come to the U.S. not speaking any English and try to manoeuvre an automatic phone system.

When I first arrived in France I would spend up to 40 minutes redialing and listening over and over again to the automated prompts writing each section down until I had the whole message in front of me - then I was to exhausted to continue!!  Now, I have wised up a bit, I just use my two little translators!!

In any case, trying to call the Post Office and having a package redelivered was a joy this morning. I had to say the number of the colis* in to the phone and then I would be redirected. Well, apparently they didn't understand my accent, so the automated response went something like this - "we cannot understand your pronunciation so we now wish you a good day - au revoir" and they disconnected.

C'est la France!!

*colis: package

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