dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Le Chineur

Today, I was "le chineur"*. I love going to brocantes, antiques shops, flea markets to poke around - one  never knows what treasures you will find.  Twice a year they have a big brocante in Chatou. Vendors and people come from all over to this event. I struck up a conversation with an older woman who very kindly gave me an extra ticket she had (It's a 5 euro entrance fee). We chatted for a few minutes on the navette** to the brocante - me in my horribly sounding French - although she did say very kindly - "where are you from, you have a cute french accent?" We parted ways and she wished me a bon chiné.***  This brocante is expensive and normally hard to find a real deal, but nevertheless, I did find the cutest table, then forgot I had to get it home on my bike...... Oh well, where there's a will, there's a way. Click here for information on the brocante. The next one is in March 2013.
Balancing Act

*chineur: bargain hunter
**navette: shuttle
***Bon Chiné: good hunting

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