dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Literal Translations

The french language is full of descriptive phrases. It seems every word can have more than one meaning. I am not adept enough with the language to understand each circumstance to use a particular word when there is more than one choice or situation. Today I heard two different phrases that I am just crazy about and I love how they are used to describe a normal situation.

I was sitting on the bus when I overheard the chauffeur* ask the car in front of him if he could move up a bit as his back end was sticking out. However, in french, the words he used were, " S'íl vous plaît, avance un petit peu, Je jette mon derrière." If you were to do an exact translation, it would say something like "excuse me, can you move up a bit as I am throwing my backside." Je jette mon derrière  - I love this expression!!

While reading the free Paris morning paper, I was reading about the floods in Lourdes and how the river was overflowing it's banks. The french wording was: "La rivière est sortie son lit" - literally "the river has left its bed."

I love the mixture of words used - beautiful poetry with words!

* bus driver

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